Tuesday, December 13, 2016

2016 Drawing to a Close

Uncle Ron, Auntie Susan and Grandpa came to visit us in November.
We really enjoying living on the border of town and being able to hike out occasionally into the wetlands.

Last week at the ECA Christmas program.

Our landlady and neighbor, Toyita, is Cedric's "adopted" Colombian abuelita. She came to watch him sing!

 Cedric's class at ECA had a ministry morning where they went to a nearby retirement home to sing and color for the elderly folk. I was able to be one of the chaperones and enjoyed spending the morning with his classmates.

There's a new photographer in the family. The following photos are all snapshots from Cedric's perspective!
 (I think we look like farmers!)
 (What the perfect Christmas cookie looks like!)
 (He's lying on the front porch facing the gate.)

We're getting into the Christmas spirit over here... missing family terribly but enjoying being home for the holidays!