Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend

This Thanksgiving weekend was a very pleasant one... the weather was beautiful, we enjoyed making memories with friends and family and we rested from the normal everyday routines.
On Thursday we had a traditional Thanksgiving meal with Ang's Mum, Dad and brother, friends Bonnie and Bruce from South Africa, and friends Julian, Diana and Vivian from Colombia. In the afternoon we worked off the extra calories with a stroll along the Long Beach Shoreline.
On Friday we went to the San Diego Zoo with Julian, Diana and Vivian. It was fun to hang out there and marvel at all the different exotic animals on display! I made a little photo collage of our day there:


  1. Where's Jon in the working-off-extra-calories-picture? Wish I was there.

  2. Jon was being unsocial. And where's my The Fifth Wheel blog?

  3. Sniff, sniff, I'm with Deb. Wish I was there. Lookee at the beautiful CA coast. Ahhhh, the sun. :)