Friday, January 13, 2006


We have been on a whirlwind of a tour in the North of the country this past week. Here are a few of the highlights:

This is part of the aqueduct built by Herod the Great at Caesarea on the mediterranean sea. Caesarea is amazing... where there was no port, Herod built one along with a beautiful oceanside palace, a huge theater, temple, racing track and city. This was definitely one of the most amazing ruins we've seen in the "north". Biblically this is mentioned - one of the main events was when Paul was brought here secretly in the night (he actually spent the night in Aphek and came here the following day) when it was discovered there was a plot to kill him. He was imprisoned here for 2 years before taken to Rome.

This outline of an altar marks the place and the size of the altar Jeroboam built after Israel divided into two kingdoms. The steps behind it lead up to the high place where he probably placed the golden calf. This was a sobering day to see the place where such idolatry occurred and where Israel sinned against the Lord. I was impacted by the size of the altar... there are some stairs to the left of it which would have been used to get to the top. (Posing for perspective is Jen - a girl we've gotten to know on this trip.)

Here Bill and I are standing in front of the springs at Banias - the place where Caesarea Phillipi was built. Behind us is the location the pagan temples were built. (Another sobering day to see more idolatry.)

Bill is the wee little head you can see in the water to the right of Shawn who only went in up to his knees in the Sea of Galilee.

For dinner last night we had "St. Peter's" fish. Here it is before I ate it:

... and after!


  1. Hard to imagine all that happened in these places all those years ago and now there you are standing in the midst.....
    Good chatting last night and we are looking forward to seeing you again in a few days !

  2. How come I can't see Bill in the Sea of Galilee? Oh well.

  3. Is that a FANNY PACK? What has the world come to?! ;) Still really miss you...let me know when you can home. We are having warm weather right now...15`F! It's been beautiful, but we hear another cold front is treatening to come in, back to -30 or -40`F! Love ya.

  4. That's just what our lunch looked like in Uganda. I did quickly excuse myself from the table when some from our party began disecting the brain and eyeballs! Blehhhkkkk!

  5. The fish reminds me of Colombia. Did you eat the eyeballs!?