Tuesday, January 17, 2006


We just spent the last two days in Jordan. It was a crazy way to end the trip - too much to see in too short of a time. But it was great to hike into the Petra Valley and see the amazing tombs carved right into the sandstone. We were only able to spend three hours there, so we just saw the first part of the tombs and the beginning of the city. Not any biblical history going on there as it was built by the Nabateans who were active from the 4th century BC till Rome came and conquered Petra around 100 AD.

While in Jordan we went to the traditional peak of Mt. Nebo where Moses died and was buried by God. Unfortunately it was a hazy day, so we didn't get a really good view of the Promised land from there, but we did see the wilderness of Judea and the Dead Sea from there.

Here are Bill and Shawn with a sculpture of the bronze serpent - on Mt. Nebo.

And to end this short online journal of our journey in Israel and Jordan - a sunset...


  1. Too bad you cheated on one of your pics in those calendars you made. You should redo them and add the real pic of you guys in front of Petra. It'll be nice to have you guys here again. Someplace to get away from some of it all...so long as Bill isn't annoying ;) Wait, that's Ang :D

  2. I am so glad you guys had such a rich time there. I hope you make it home just dandy. Pange, don't worry, if the plane goes down, it will be a painless death. ;) Call if you can when you get home...

  3. It sure has been a great experience for you both - we can't wait to see ALL your photos and catch up with everything.
    We'll have dinner ready for you when you get here............

  4. Ang, I bet you cannot really wrap words around your experience...so jealous!