Monday, March 13, 2006

... in Sickness, in Health... and Insomnia?

Bill and I have been under the weather in some form or another for the past month. Mostly it has been Bill ill with a bad cold or flu - he finally visited the Biola Student Health Center last week and was given a good check up and some antiobiotics to help kill whatever is distressing his body. I was doing fine until last Tuesday when insomnia moved in on my side of the bed. Thursday night it moved in on Bill's side of the bed. If we weren't so tired we could have crossed a lot of things off of our "to do" lists! Over the weekend we both managed to get some good sleep, so are feeling slightly more rested. Bill's cold is mostly gone, but mine has just begun! Oh the joys of "winter" germs- at least we take turns being sick and looking after one another!


I forgot to include this family picture taken last month when we celebrated Mum's 60th birthday!


  1. Oh dear. Hope you guys are finally managing to get some sleep now. No wonder I woke Bill up when I called Fri AM! :( Where did you go for the Big 6-0- dinner?

  2. Parker's Lighthouse at the Shoreline Village in Long Beach.

  3. Pange - I feel your pain. Les has been down, and I mean WAAAAAY down, for the past five days. Russian bugs ain't so fun to catch either. I had it before him, but it didn't quite slow me down as much as him. As for insomnia? Ugh.