Saturday, April 22, 2006

Friends & Holidays

The past month has been a full one, you can tell as there haven't been the spare minutes necessary to blog!
I've been blessed to spend time with friends... Alexa visited during the last weekend in March:

Bill and I have enjoyed the past week off from work and studies. We had free tickets to the Wild Animal park in San Diego, so we went down there for a day with my parents:

We also added a pet to our home and would like to introduce you to the cat we "rescued", her name is Spotsie:

Today four dear friends came over for Tea with me. I enjoyed catching up with Sheela, Maricel, Jennifer and Tricia:


  1. Thanks for the use of your dishes Debohs! They've been put to good use :)

  2. I couldn't see my 'dishes' anywhere on the table!!

  3. You're welcome Pange. Great to see the picture, but where are YOU!? I didn't know Alexa got to come for a visit, that's so cool. Did you say hi to Sheela, Maricel, Jen & Tricia for me? ;)

    We drink a lot of tea here too, but it's not so fancy. Just more like Dad's style.

    Christ is risen! We are celebrating Easter here today, according to the Russian calendar.

  4. I'm jealous to not be at a tea party with Pangelooney!

  5. That is so exciting that Alexa visited. I hope you guys had fun catching up.

  6. Thanks again for an awesome afternoon. I have one more day until I am officially on vacation. Save some more time for moi! ;)

  7. AWWW! I see the logo for the "Bean"- I miss it even today! can I pop down for an ice blended?