Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday Afternoon Fellowship

We spent the afternoon with a couple of families from our church... it was a blessing to us and fun to get to fellowship.


  1. Well well .... nice to see my wife's picture with 'princess Elizabeth' and sister Angela. But no pics of the 'men at work' ... we never left the table ... maybe next time a dunk in the pool ...
    Nice blog .... good to see that you are getting some nice away time. And may your flowers 'live'
    Gardening is a GREAT hobby and sooo insightful once you get past the pain of losing a few plants ..
    God bless ... Paul K.

  2. How come I didn't get an automatic update email about this? And when did you go to Amita's? Oh well...not to's not like I tell you everything that I'm doing.

  3. But then're always telling me what I should be doing ;-) Love ya...even if you do smell :D