Saturday, September 30, 2006

Eight Years of Happiness

On September 19th we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. To celebrate we went on a Marriage Retreat hosted by Talbot. It was our first one ever! It was a nice getaway with some good sessions taught by a Biola professor. They gave us plenty of free time so we wandered down to Laguna Beach on the Saturday afternoon and enjoyed the coastal scenery.
We have been blessed by our marriage and thank God for these past eight years!


  1. 'bout time for another update ;) Glad it's back online!

  2. oh dear....guess we forgot! Belated congrats anyway - we were in another land....
    Love Mumsies

  3. Beautiful picture, thanks for the post.

    I am blessed to have you as a sister, and you Bill, as a bro-in-law.

    How come Bill never makes comments here?

  4. Lovely picture. You two fit together. Nice to see you both looking so relaxed. Had any peas for dinner lately, Bill? :)

  5. Congratulations on 8 years!
    I think you're such a neat couple and really enjoyed getting to know both of you when I was out for STEP.

  6. always a blessing to see a marriage that blossoms!

  7. You need some new blogging...

    How about a blog about the cat. Spotsie. Did I remember the name right? Oh dear, I can't remember if it's a he or a she.

    I'm a bad auntie... ;)

  8. Congratulations! 8 years (it´s been that long since I´ve know you, wow) That´s great! We have only been married for a year and realize how much work goes into marriage.