Saturday, December 09, 2006


I was happily doing my grocery shopping last week in my favorite place - Trader Joe's - and I bumped into a very familiar product, but one that I'd never seen sold in the USA. We call it Bocadillo in Colombia. I am sure you can find it in other Latin American countries, but the what I found is actually from Colombia, and cheap at $1.29 for 10 pieces. Very cool.


  1. Looks tasty! Hope I can find some at my nearest TJs! Come over, and we'll share some!

  2. Yum! Save some for us!

  3. The Trader Joe's nearest to me is, well, a LONG plane ride or two away. Very fun.

    I found Peanut Butter made in Kentucky the other day in my grocery store. I felt the same way as you.

  4. I'm glad plenty of other people like them then I won't have to eat them!
    There are a lot more Colombia "treats" that I would sooner have.....