Saturday, March 25, 2006

Snow in California

Last weekend I was able to go away for a night with the Talbot Wives Fellowship for a restful retreat. We drove to Idyllwild (Elev. 6000 ft) and discovered at least a couple of feet of snow with more on the way. For those of us who really don't get a winter here in So. California it was a very nice change to enjoy the cold, wet and white snow. I was able to spend several hours in solitude just reading and watching the snow fall with an occasional bird flying by my window. Sunday morning dawned clear and bright, several of us went out for a walk to appreciate a side of nature we don't normally get.

Monday, March 13, 2006

... in Sickness, in Health... and Insomnia?

Bill and I have been under the weather in some form or another for the past month. Mostly it has been Bill ill with a bad cold or flu - he finally visited the Biola Student Health Center last week and was given a good check up and some antiobiotics to help kill whatever is distressing his body. I was doing fine until last Tuesday when insomnia moved in on my side of the bed. Thursday night it moved in on Bill's side of the bed. If we weren't so tired we could have crossed a lot of things off of our "to do" lists! Over the weekend we both managed to get some good sleep, so are feeling slightly more rested. Bill's cold is mostly gone, but mine has just begun! Oh the joys of "winter" germs- at least we take turns being sick and looking after one another!


I forgot to include this family picture taken last month when we celebrated Mum's 60th birthday!

Monday, March 06, 2006


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Reflections on Israel

Two months ago today (this was written on Feb 28th) we were arriving in Israel for what would be an unforgettable experience. This was definitely the trip of a lifetime, changing forever the way we read the Bible and understanding what life was like for our fathers in the faith. Some of our favorite memories include:

Bill and Angela in front of the Shrine of the Dome of the Rock (Place where temple would have been standing.)

1. Visiting Jerusalem and seeing the remains of the Temple Mount that Jesus had visited many times. To actually stand upon the main steps that led up to the temple court, knowing that He would have walked up those same stairs on His way to teach, heal and cleanse the temple was amazing.

Angela on the temple steps.

2. Archeological sites like Megiddo, Hazor, Gezer, Aphek, Beth-Shan, Capernaum, Bethsaida, and the list goes on. From these places we learned things about how Solomon built his gates, what New Testament times were like, how cities were fortified and invaded. These sites encouraged our faith in confirming events listed in the Bible. They were also sober reminders of the consequences of idolatry and rebellion toward God.

(Left) Angela with Jen in a "temple" at BeerSheba. (Above) The ruins of Arad in the Negev. (Below) The fortified gates at Gezer.

(Below left) Bill at Qumran cave. (Middle) The Spring at En Gedi - "fountain in the desert". (Right) The Dead Sea. (Bottom) Masada.

3. The Dead Sea and some of the amazing places along its edge. One of those places was Masada. We hiked up there early one morning and watched the sun rise. What an amazing fortified place that is. Up on the top there are the remains of a luxurious palace along with a city boasting cisterns, homes, baths, storehouses, places of worship – all you would need to live there permanently. Another very meaningful spot along the edge of the Dead Sea was Qumran where the scrolls were found. We later visited the Israel museum and saw the scrolls containing God’s words to His people from a couple millennia back.

With our trust in God strengthened and our knowledge of how He worked in times past within the confines of that part of the world greatly increased we have returned to life in the USA. We pray that the lessons we learned of His total control over history in bringing about His will in His time through His chosen One will be remembered and shared with those we influence.