Saturday, February 17, 2007

Where have we been?

Since I last posted we began a new semester of studies at
and of teaching classes at

I've also had a birthday - but it was celebrated in short bursts of activity and so there are no pictures of the big:
3 - 5

One of the things that has been challenging to me so far this semester is on the topic of prayer. A question that was presented to me a couple of weeks ago and one that I've been thinking about every since is:

When I take a "posture of prayer" do I really talk to God as a person - or do I go through the motions as a ritual without much thought at all?

May prayer not become an empty habit, but may it be an ongoing, moment by moment conversation with my Lord!


  1. Prayer was mentioned up at camp too. Although, not necessarily in the same way. Wade Sorola talked about it being more of a conversation, and yes, not a shopping list or to do list of things you need to check off when you pray. Good food for thought.