Friday, March 09, 2007

Birthday Party Pictures

A couple of months ago we had a birthday party for my mum :) - I just discovered that Dad had pictures in his camera and so now you get to enjoy the festivities too! We had our L.A. family and a friend from Scotland/NZ, Wilma, at the party (unfortunately her husband, Stan, was sick in bed!).


  1. So cool to see everyone at the fancy dinner. (Where'd you get that nice tableware?? ;)

    Les wants to know if you'll make him an amazing German Chocolate cake like that?! It's his favorite.

  2. shucks, it's nearly time for the next birthday party - I feel a lot older since then!!
    Sorry Les, your wont be having a birthday while you are here ;-(

  3. He can have a slice of my birthday cake. It'll just have to be a very small sliver :D I might consider going bigger for him though.