Friday, April 06, 2007

Stray Cat

Two views of the stray cat.

It seems we've been adopted by this little guy, he's lived on our doorstep for the past 3 days. A very friendly little kitten - I'll be sad when he gets "found". (Spotsie has been territorial though, and probably will be glad to see him gone!)

Spotsie (our cat) sits inside the screen door longing to go outside, while Stray sits on the doormat longing to come in! There must be a spiritual lesson on contentment to be observed here.


  1. Is one photo the stray cat and the other Spotsie? Because they look a lot alike if those photos are of two different cats!

  2. The stray knew just which door to show up to! ;) That's how we got Koshka years ago...she was fun, for a while, and then she turned evil on us.

    Miss you.

  3. We moved this cat over to Jon's house... he's called her "Patience".
    Sai isn't thrilled, but as long as they stay out of each other's way it should be fine!!

  4. It's amazing what happens in one's home when one goes away for just 3 weeks!! I just hope we don't find too many 'strays' in our house next week when we get home :-(

  5. OK so I didn't read the comments last time! Now I know the new cat's name and what your Mum thinks of it!!