Tuesday, August 21, 2007


A year ago Bill's father moved to the city of Medellin. It is a 45 minute flight from Bogotá (the capital) and is probably the second city in the country. The drive from Bogota to Medellin is safe to do now, but we didn't have the time (8-9 hours each way) to do it.

The main purpose of our visit was to spend time with Dad and Liliana. Here's Bill with his dad reliving some childhood memories in their old "backyard". They used to live in the first floor apartment you can see in the background.

We got to do a little site seeing while there. Including a drive to a village called "Santa Fe de Antioquia". There is an historic bridge there that we used to walk over the Cauca river.

Typical countryside shot:
This picture was taken at a tourist spot that is called "Pueblo Paisa". It has a typical little village square with church. What we liked most about this place was the view. It is located atop a hill in the middle of the city, so you can get a good idea of what Medellin looks like.

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