Friday, August 31, 2007

Wildlife Lesson

Lesson: Even though you may live in a huge city very far from the great outdoors, close your door at night to prevent wildlife entering.
We usually leave our back screen door ajar so that Spotsie can come and go. Last night she came in around 10:30pm as I was getting ready to go to bed and I noticed her peering behind my desk which is located right by the back door. I took a look, expecting to see a cricket, moth or spider (her normal prey) and screamed at seeing two baby possums! I jumped on a chair and proceeded to tell Bill and Spot how to get them out of our place.
(FYI... this is now the second time we've had possums hanging out in our place, maybe we've learned the screen door lesson!?)


  1. You should have named them. How about Harry and Potter?

  2. I can SO imagine this whole thing unfolding! Made me laugh Ang, very hard!