Monday, September 24, 2007

My Dad Loves Me

He replanted my flower beds, which were looking miserable... now I have pretty flowers again!


Bill and I have been hanging out a lot with kids lately :) and enjoying them! Here are the two most frequent culprits... aren't they kissable?

Coast After Rain

Catalina Island

Viewed from San Vicente Lighthouse on the Peninsula.
It rained here in So.Cal. this weekend - first time in a LONG while. It felt so clean afterwards and the air was clear and crisp. We drove out to the coast soon after the rain had passed and had a great view of Catalina - we forget it's out there most of the time!

Hanz and Andrea
We took our friends from Colombia with us on the drive along the coast.

Whale Watching

We were out on the Palos Verdes Peninsula on Saturday and got to see a herd of whales passing by. OK - so we didn't actually SEE the whales, but we did see them spouting out water as they came up for air. It was quite impressive - much closer to the coastline than normal, everyone at the whale watching visitor center was quite excited about it.