Monday, June 09, 2008

Church Picnic

Here's a selection of pictures from our church picnic last Saturday... in no particular order....

Nanhee & Lety:
Eva & Darlene:
Eric & Bill (yes - they're talking Theology!):

Debra, Shawn & Braulio (S.S. awards):

Mike - our chief BBQer:
Julio & Dad:
Michelle, Celeste & Angie:

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

STEP 2008....

June 18 - 30 we'll be hosting the team from Wisconsin who join our church every summer to reach out to various communities through Bible clubs for children etc. We have three different cross-cultural housing complexes lined up where we'll be holding these outreaches - two in Westminster and one in Gardena.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Old Students...

Nora, Angel, me & Brenda

Yesterday Bill and I had the opportunity to meet up with some of my old students from Millikan High School where I taught for three years before moving to Colombia (1994-1997). These three were students I had many lunch discussions with throughout my whole time there. I have sort of kept in touch with them ever since and it's been neat to watch them grow up. Nora has a family now (5 kids), Angel was ordained as a priest last Saturday and Brenda is studying/working.
The occasion that brought us together was Angel's ordination - we went to his first mass and then the celebration with his family and church.

This photo was taken at their graduation back in June of 1997. It was purely coincidental that we posed in the same order! (I just dug this photo up today.)

Summer Visitors

School is finally over for the year...

Last week was our first week off for the summer & my cousin and her family were in town, staying with my parents...
(Dad, Anthea, Tani, Dylan, Mum, Dior, Jon & Bill)

Spring Women's Retreat

A group of women from my church went on retreat in April. We drove down to Pine Valley (San Diego county) and stopped off in Oceanside for lunch on the way...These were my roommates: Dawnita & Debra...
The speaker for the weekend was Ruth S. from Milwaukee - she was so down to earth and godly in her way of sharing and the scriptures she exhorted us with (also pictured are Carrie and Rebekah)...
Group photo of all who went down from WBC...