Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sai, 1995 - 2008

I love animals.
I haven't had as many pets as I would like, but I have loved a few cats.
One of them died today. She was old and it was time.
I am very sad.

This is my small tribute to Sai, who no longer is.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July

Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood CA
Classic Baseball tunes, American tunes... celebrating USA and the Dodgers 50th anniversary.
We went with the family: Jon, Mum, Trena (Dad's cousin-in-law), Dad & Kevin (Dad's cousin).
Us (Bill's having a hard time smiling - he broke a rib last week and is in a bit of pain!)
The show...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

STEP 2008

We enjoyed hosting the third Summer Team Evangelism Partnership this year, from June 18 - 30. Here's a short summary of our time together with:
10 from Wisconsin
1 from Nebraska
2 from South Carolina
4 from Washington
1 from Oregon
and a bunch from Southern California!

Field Trip to Downtown L.A. - walked around Fashion District (visited a garment cutting factory and wholesale store...)Spent an hour at Olvera St (where Los Angeles was born a couple of hundred years ago).
Took the metro there and back - this is walking into Union Station.
Over the weekend and each morning we had Bible studies and practical lessons on evangelism.
Plus Spanish-speakers from around Latin America sharing their perspectives on life as immigrants to the USA.

The Children's Outreaches... we had 4 different locations and the team split into 2 groups to then go to 2 places each (4-5:30pm and 7-8:30pm). While the "youth" team focused on reaching the children, several older and bilingual members of the team visited with parents.

Began with games...Most days performed a skit to illustrate the gospel truth....
Five lessons on different Genesis stories were taught (Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob & Joseph... and the aspects of their lives that point to Christ!)

Songs were sung...

Then the kids were split up into small groups to go over the lesson...

Mealtimes were eaten together in our church... we had a bunch of wonderful cooks with meals from Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, Korea, New Zealand and USA.

By the end of the week... naps were needed.The last Saturday the team was with us we had a play day down at Mission Bay in San Diego. Stopped for dinner in Oceanside on the way home. Here I am with Helen, Sara and Sonja enjoying the sunset!
Most bodies were burnt from too much time in the sun and not enough sunscreen! Here are three of the worst cases:

Sunday afternoon veging...