Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Caroling

A group from our church sang Christmas carols at a convalescent home yesterday afternoon. We had a good time sharing a little of the joy of the season with these folks.

The Carolers:

Eric & Darlene - a beautiful duet:

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bill's Graduation - Part 3: Graduation Party

We invited our church friends over for dinner to celebrate Bill's accomplishment... I didn't quite get everyone captured on my camera (sorry Lukes!) but here we are, enjoying the time of celebrating with Bill.

Enjoying unexpected gifts!

Bill's Graduation - Part 2: Commencement Ceremony

Bill's graduation ceremony (aka "Commencement") was yesterday afternoon at 2pm. We enjoyed the ceremony and the time dedicated to bringing this chapter of our lives to a close.

The view from our seats. Bill is in the mass on right hand side.

Lee Strobel was the invited speaker.

Shawn & Dawnita came to celebrate with us!

All done!

Mum and Dad also joined in to cheer for Bill from the bleachers!

Bill and Shawn - almost graduated together!!
(Shawn finishes up in the next couple of months.)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bill's Graduation - Part 1: Baccalaureate

Tonight we went to the Talbot Baccalaureate where they have a "hooding ceremony" and bless and dedicate all the graduates. Bill just finished his last paper today and tomorrow we'll be off to his official graduation ceremony at Biola University. Tonight was a special celebration just for the seminary graduates with their professors and invited guests. We invited the family and had a nice time celebrating Bill's accomplishment: two master's degrees in 4.5 years! A Master of Arts in Old Testament and a Master of Arts in New Testament. Yaye! I'm proud of my hubby!

Us and the local family! We wish everyone else could have been here too!