Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas in Canada

First cousins: Julie, Joshua, Jeannie & Nathan (their dad, Uncle John, is a missionary pilot in Africa), Susan (Bill's sister) and Bill

Empanadas in Canada - we found a little Colombian bakery a few minutes from where the Letkemans live. They were yummy. (Meat filled turnover cornmeal pastries.)

Games played at Letkeman home.
The Letkemans - Ron, Susan (Bill's sister) with Lindsay, Matthew and Daniel.

Our New Year's Eve feast - cheese fondue, fresh bread sandwiches.
The countryside around here. Bill's sister lives in a small town in Ontario... about 15 minutes from "city".
Puzzle time.

The weather... comparing Celsius to Faherenheit and Canada to California!
Uncle John and Bill fixing his laptop.

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