Wednesday, July 15, 2009

STEP Training 2009

The first four days of Summer Team Evangelism Partnership are focused on training and preparing for the neighborhood outreaches. Here are some pictures from those days:

Bill listing all the different cultures represented at the Church/STEP potluck

Beth shared her insights on the Virgin of Guadalupe and communicating the gospel clearly to children
I like Bill... here's another picture of him doing something he loves!

STEP's "visionaries" - the Yarralls and Duckhorns started planning for these outreach mission trips 5 years ago. We've now done it four times. Nancye (my mother, standing) is head chef!
Jeremy and Sonja joined us a week early and worked hard getting the outreach lessons and materials ready
John Duckhorn led some of the devotionals and shared how he came to know Christ
As one of the two team members who has participated all four times in STEP, Kayla shared many of the lessons learned with the new team members. Here she is leading a small group of children in Los Angeles.
Megan also joined us a week early to work on getting the outreach lessons and materials ready

Shawn Wicks and Bill Loudon focused on preparing the team for each day's Bible lesson to the Children. Shawn also taught us how to effectively use skits/dramas to communicate Biblical truths.

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