Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goodbye USA

Labor day on September 7th marked the beginning of our goodbyes. We drove out of Long Beach with tears streaming down my eyes after hugging Debbie and her sweet family for the last time.

The five weeks away have gone by both quickly and slowly. We have visited a lot of people, reconnected with old friends and made plenty of new ones. Experienced both literal and figurative mountains and valleys along our journey's path. In many ways our trip was a step of faith and we are blown away by how much God has used it to prepare us to move out of from the settled state that we have enjoyed for the past five years.

Our conclusion - God is good, God is faithful, God provides, God hears, God answers. We are blessed.

Enjoy this sample of people and places from our journey from California to Washington to Colorado to Arizona to Wisconsin.

Bill, Sydney, Lillie, Debbie - Chestnut Ave, Long Beach

Bill, Angela, Alexa - Coffee Shop near Wheaton, IL

Karen and Jim (my first math mentor teacher) - Port Townsend, WA

Sonja, Jeremy, John and Bill - Wauwatosa, WI

Karen and Ron - Prescott, AZ

Duckhorn family - Milwaukee, WI

John and Jan - Colorado Springs, CO

SPLICE program - 3 weeks in Palmer Lake, CO

Our instructor, Robin - MTI, CO

My small group - missionary women heading to Czech Rep, Haiti, Japan, Cambodia,Mozambique & Sudan!

Hiking in Colorado with new friends from SPLICE.

Pikes Peak with new friends.

Reservoir - peaceful place to pray - Palmer Lake, CO

San Francisco, CA

Saying goodbye to favorite places and food too!

I posted more pictures on Facebook - search for "Angela Loudon" if you aren't already a "friend"!