Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Villa de Leyva

We traveled three hours north of Bogota to a touristy little town called Villa de Leyva for a church camp last weekend. Here's a few pictures of our time there - in the village, at the campgrounds and on a walk in the "desert" area.

Back in Bogota

We arrived in Bogota on October 27th around 9PM. Here's a picture of the airport I took two days later while waiting to pick up the boxes we had sent by cargo.
Traffic is much the same as ever. The streets are too small the number of cars trying to get around. One of the "interesting" laws in the city is that each car is prohibited from being on the streets for two days of each week, determined by the last number of its license plate. So if you own a car there are two days where it has to stay parked from 6am till 8pm. For those that can afford it the solution is to buy a second car! (We don't have that problem yet... we're using buses and taxis to get around!)

We're staying with another missionary family until our apartment is ready, hopefully by mid-December. Here's a view out of our bedroom window.
And here's Bill helping Mike and Andrew put lights on the Christmas tree.
We've been blessed to be able to catch up with some of our friends already. This is each of us with friends we made while studying at Talbot in California. They were also students at the seminary and are now back here living in Bogota. Julian & Diana.
Another couple we saw at a church event the first weekend we were in town. Julio & Erika.
Last Monday we went on a "date" with each other to a fun restaurant - here's the name, you can guess what they serve!