Sunday, January 04, 2009

Travel to the USA

Goodbye to Susan's house in Elmira, Ontario...

Passing snowy fields as we head towards USA...

Heading straight towards the border... ("the road goes ever on and on")

The bridge across the river dividing the two nations...
Waiting at the border crossing... (took about an hour of waiting in the car line)

Niagara Falls in the Winter

We had a little road trip with the family over to Niagara Falls on New Year's Day. It was soooooo cold! We thought about tailgating our picnic lunch... for about 10 seconds before deciding a picnic in the van would be much better:
It was a beautiful view... lots of ice, powerful falls etc. The rest of the photos are taken on the edge of the Niagara Falls, Canadian side.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas in Canada

First cousins: Julie, Joshua, Jeannie & Nathan (their dad, Uncle John, is a missionary pilot in Africa), Susan (Bill's sister) and Bill

Empanadas in Canada - we found a little Colombian bakery a few minutes from where the Letkemans live. They were yummy. (Meat filled turnover cornmeal pastries.)

Games played at Letkeman home.
The Letkemans - Ron, Susan (Bill's sister) with Lindsay, Matthew and Daniel.

Our New Year's Eve feast - cheese fondue, fresh bread sandwiches.
The countryside around here. Bill's sister lives in a small town in Ontario... about 15 minutes from "city".
Puzzle time.

The weather... comparing Celsius to Faherenheit and Canada to California!
Uncle John and Bill fixing his laptop.