Saturday, January 23, 2010

Progress on the Apartment

As of 1/23/1o the apartment remodeling status is:
Ceiling - done
Walls - done
Floors - done
Kitchen - not done
Laundry - mostly done
Bathroom - mostly done
Cleaning - half done

Here's the new front door the guys installed last Thursday. It is made out of reinforced metal for security purposes.
The view during daylight hours. We like how the bars turned out - they protect small children from falling out of the windows (which are quite low) and yet don't obstruct the view we have of the Andes mountains!
Our somewhat messy living room - like the furniture?!
The unpacking has begun! This is our bedroom. You can see we still have a little electrical details to work on.
Bill's work place is taking shape. We took the old front door and two empty packing barrels and made him a great desk! He's got the books out that he needs to begin preparing for classes.
Clean closets!
Working on hooking up the washer and gas dryer. Since this picture was taken we've also installed a gas water heater on the wall to the left of the window.
Due to previous plumbing problems and current gas pipe regulations our apartment has a lot of pipes on the outside rather than inside of the walls. The solution was to put up molding to cover them and make it a little more visually appealing. The molding is just made out of plaster of paris. (Bill's standing in the kitchen/laundry area.)