Tuesday, July 20, 2010

20 de Julio Parade

In honor of Colombia's 200 years of Independence there was a big military parade in Bogota today (3+ hours long!) It went right past our apartments, so we took a wander outside before it began and discovered huge crowds of people.

Looking north on Avenida 68:
 Looking south:
 Patriotic Colombians waiting for the parade to come by:

There were hundreds, maybe thousands just standing on our side of the block. A couple of men standing beside us started to argue about their turf and since I'm not great with crowds anyway, we came inside and saw the heads of the soldiers marching by. Not a great view, but less stressful! 

Unpatriotic tensions:

But lots of extra security guys around (police and military soldiers... just boys mostly!):

The view from our bedroom window:
If you want a glimpse of what the military parade was like you can see a short news clip using this link: http://www.citytv.com.co/videos/120600/apartes-del-desfile-de-las-fuerzas-militares-en-honor-al-bicentenario

Since our corner was the end of the parade route, the street behind our apartment (which we can also see from our windows) was lined with trucks and buses waiting to take the soldiers back to their bases. They just load all the guys standing up in the back of these trucks to transport them. Within an hour of this photo our normally quiet street was full of citizens hurrying to see the parade and soldiers getting into the trucks!

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