Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September Church Happenings

 There were several good opportunities for fellowship and for working together this month at our church. We had a special lunch for all the leaders and their families on the first Saturday; several planning meetings; baptisms last Sunday... as well as the regular weekly worship and Bible study gatherings.

Rotisserie chicken (Colombian style) with salted potatoes, sweet plantain and salad was served for lunch.

About 40 people were there, only one family was unable to attend.

After lunch Gilberto led the devotional.

Some of the kids waiting for their parents.

We work with the team of 12 people that handles the sound and publicity needs within the church. We enjoy this area of service and the opportunity for discipleship as we work together.

Just a Sunday morning view. Our meeting area has a lot of windows, so it's really hard to get good pictures!

Last Sunday five people were baptized. The young lady has been a Christian for a couple of years, she is in Bill's Old Testament class so we have gotten to know her over this year. The next three men have come to Christ through the church's ministry at a nearby drug rehab center. The young man on the right has been brought up in a Christian home and has attended our church his entire life.

Since there isn't a proper baptismal tank they set up a wooden box, line it with thick plastic and fill it with cold water! They use step stools to climb up and into the tank to be baptized.