Thursday, December 16, 2010

and so 2010 ends...

December has been almost as busy as November was!! The first weekend we had an open house for any of Bill's students who wanted to drop by for dinner and fellowship. It was one of Bogota's many rainy days so only about half of the students made it out... and we enjoyed their visit!! Here's a picture taken of the first bunch that came along.

On the 9th we had the "graduation" ceremony for the Bible Institute. This semester one person graduated from the entire program and about 60 students successfully finished their courses. To make the most of the evening together some of the teachers put on a panel discussion on the exclusivity of the Christian faith compared to the other faiths of the world. Here are a few pictures of the evening. (Panel discussion: Bill, Julian, Sergio; Julian's class; Bill's class.)

After months of preparation our dear friends Sandra and Arnold were married last Saturday. We've enjoyed being a part of their lives over the years. When Bill first arrived in Bogota they were 12 years old and he was their Sunday School teacher! Then for the four years we were youth group leaders they were in the group. We spent the past few months in a premarital course with them.

With our main commitments for the year over Bill has embarked upon a home improvement project! Thanks to special gifts from two churches in the US we were able to buy a bunch of wood and he has begun building bookshelves. Here is the "before" picture of his study... that has now turned into his workshop!

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