Thursday, December 16, 2010

November News

November was jam-packed with special events, here's a brief photo journal of some of the extras we experienced.

13 week sonogram: everything is looking good and Dr. is convinced baby is a boy!

Our 20 brethren churches in Bogota sent about 8 people each to a combined workers' weekend retreat in Villa de Leyva. It was a good time of encouragement for all. (Pics are of campgrounds.)

We enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with friends who attend different churches as well as get to know some from our own better!

The week following the retreat we had a brethren missionary conference during the day and combined meetings in the evenings and Sunday with the other churches around the city. (Didn't any get pictures!)

Thanksgiving was a normal work day here, but we took time out before going to class to have a wonderful meal with several missionary families and consider the many things for which we are grateful. (Below: half of us talking over coffee while waiting for pie.)

All the women in our church gathered for a bridal shower (at which Angela was asked to give the devotional), here's a picture of the bride, followed by one of a few of the young ladies I'm involved with.

Classes ended the last week of November, followed by grading and an invitation. Two of Bill's students (brother and sister) invited us to dinner at their home. It was a great way to get to know them a little better!

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  1. Love the last picture of you both! Finally a picture where Bill isn't in pain while trying to smile! Looks like he is actually enjoying himself!