Thursday, December 16, 2010

October Highlight: Kersey Visit

We were truly blessed by Paul and Becky Kersey's visit in mid-October (from our sending church in CA). Becky was here for one week and Paul for two. During that time we were able to share our daily lives with them, visit some of Bogota's sights and introduce them to our many friends and ministries here.
 On top of the mountain that overlooks Bogota at the Monserrate Catholic church complex.
The view of the church on our way up in the cable car.

 Paul and Bill purchasing hats on the street downtown.

Spent an evening with four other married couples, Paul had us work on an activity and then gave a brief devotional about marriage.
 Introduced them to as many of Bogota's traditional foods as possible. This is our version of a tamal - usually eaten at breakfast or for a light evening meal.

We enjoyed every day spent together ... when are you coming back??

P.S. thankful that Paul also fixed my clogged sink while he was here!

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