Saturday, April 24, 2010

Trip to Bucaramanga

During the last week of March we made a quick visit to Bucaramanga, a city of a million  located in the Andes mountains about half way between Bogota and the coast. Soon after arriving we drove past the place I called home for four of the eight years we lived there (from ages 3 to 13, with 2 years in New Zealand in the middle!! = being a third culture kid becomes chronologically challenging!). 
These blue apartments hold many memories for my sister and I. Playing hide and seek till 10pm, climbing the mango trees, eating green guavas, losing all my marbles (literally), skating in the parking lot, slumber parties at the neighbors, wondering why people prayed at the statue of Mary, screaming at the big spider, teaching our baby brother to walk...

Our main purposes in visiting was to meet up with old friends and for Bill to teach at the Easter conference held by one of the churches. My parents were also in town so we had the added bonus of extra days with them. We enjoyed several meals in the homes of old friends. Here we are with two of the church leaders and their families:

I met some old childhood friends for icecream and enjoyed an afternoon catching up with them:

We stayed with Marcia and Sandra, two missionary ladies I've known my whole life. They're pictured here on the right with the rest of the crowd from the church choir who came to give us a mini-concert!

It was fun to see the sights and hear the sounds of a warmer climate. Much more of life is lived outdoors  there compared to the city of Bogota which has colder weather. Here are a couple things that caught my eye:
notice the statue?

I even got to eat an ANT for the first time in many years! They are a true delicacy in this region and they don't taste THAT bad.
and just to give you an idea of the size:

It all ended so quickly, before we knew it we were on a plane back to Bogota.