Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cedric Update - 4 days old

 It has been a whirlwind of a week!
Cedric's birth has brought us a lot of joy, but mingled with grief over the rough start he has had. We look forward to bringing him home soon!!
After spending the first 36 hours in the dark about what was wrong, the doctors were able to thoroughly explain how some of his organs had suffered due to asphyxia during birth and that his skull had received a fracture with some bleeding underneath that spot, but not in the brain. 
They've now confirmed that his heart, lungs and kidneys are all now functioning normally. His neurological exam yesterday was completely normal for a three day old baby (the first one on day 1 was not at all normal). In about a month they will do an MRI to determine whether any parts of his brain were affected by the lack of oxygen.
So, the only thing keeping him in the hospital is his digestive system. They are slowly increasing the amount of formula they are feeding him and determining how well he feeds and processes it. Once they are happy with that they will release him to come home with us!

THANK YOU for praying ... Cedric is now our miracle baby twice over!
We are pretty exhausted, physically and emotionally. But not discouraged.
 Sad to say... this is  Cedric's first bed!
 First hug with his mum.
 Hanging out under the lamps with his dad. (Bill has been able to go more frequently to be with Cedric.)
 Whenever we are there he seems happy and content... some of the nurses have other opinions!!
First time eating with Angela.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cedric Thomas Loudon - Day 1 of life outside the womb

After 11 hours of labor (7 of which were fairly easy) and half an hour of pushing, Cedric Thomas was born at 11:33 pm on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 in Bogota, Colombia.

We chose Cedric primarily because we like the name! But also, as culturally mixed up MKs that we are, we wanted an Anglo-Saxon name that would reflect some of our way back common ethnic/cultural roots. We each have a grandfather called Thomas, and it is also Bill's middle name, so we chose his second name for the family connection and to remind Cedric of his godly heritage.

The actual birth was difficult for baby. He came out facing the "wrong" way which made it hard for him to pass through easily, he stressed out and possibly inhaled/ingested meconium on his way out. The doctor ended up using forceps and he got a small fracture on his skull. As a result he was almost immediately put into an incubator. He has been in NICU under observation. As of today (5/26) we know his heart, lungs and stomach are all ok. He will be fed for the first time this afternoon then monitored for that and the healing of the fracture.  We hope to have him home in a few days or less. 

Update as of 5/26 9PM: Baby did not in fact inhale meconium. Rather his bigger problem was that he lacked oxygen during the birth process and his organs showed signs of oxygen deprivation. Praise God he is healing from that trauma!! We are waiting to know if there is anything of concern due to his head trauma.

First picture... after they cleaned out his lungs and stomach and wiped his skin.

 Meeting his dad

 Meeting his mum

 Half a day old, cleaned up more

 21 hours old - best looking baby in the world :)

A little visit to connect