Thursday, June 09, 2011

First Week with Cedric, Last Week of Semester

It has been a bit crazy in our home. There are two blurry-eyed new parents, one hungry boy and a couple of helpful grandparents!

Cedric's first full week at home has been pretty normal. We've been learning how to feed/eat, trying to catch 2 hour stretches of sleep and trying to figure out what's what with a helpless babe in our care! It happened to coincide with the last week of classes at the Bible Institute, so Bill has been grading the piles of papers and tests that accumulated over the past three weeks. As of Thursday night he is done... for the next 6 weeks. Thankfully the break will give him time to finish a lot of the extra running around for Cedric (he needs to apply for two passports and become an American citizen ASAP)... as well as time to catch a few naps here and there!

So how's Cedric? We spent another day at the hospital for check ups this week. For the most part the doctors are not particularly worried about him, but are just monitoring a few of the issues he has had. So, we're in the middle of follow-up visits regarding his heart (they detected a slight murmur - told us not to worry). And we'll do the MRI later this month. At his first pediatric visit all his neurological functions were well within normal range. He lost about 10% of his birth weight, but hopefully he'll pick up most of that before his next visit... he seems to be eating better?! 

 With Nana Yarrall
 and Papa Yarrall
 Bill's learning to multi-task: grading papers and soothing his son!
 First Family Photo
How we managed a full day of going to 3 doctors and 1 x-ray!

Five of the seven graduates from the Biblical Foundations program at the Bible Institute.

 The women who successfully completed the Saturday morning women's ministry course.