Monday, August 15, 2011

Cedric: 2 months old

Here are a few pictures of 2-month-old Cedric. He'll be 3 months old next week!

Loves spending time in his gym... smiling at his sun (there's a face on it) and laughing at his face in the mirror above his head (you can't see it in this picture).
All ready for church in a big boy outfit!

 This is how he rides to church... I walk the half mile... he's always asleep by the time we get there - actually, by the time we get to the second block away from home!

 Sitting in church with his daddy. So far, only one major interruption of a meeting - screamed his head off during a ladies' meeting I attended last week. They were too noisy and rambunctious for my little man.

 It's been a month of meeting people & learning to enjoy being cuddled by others. 

 The pacifier (aka "dummy") has been rejected in favor of the thumb.

 Lots of fun times with his mum and dad... even started giggling this past week.

 Finally big enough to use the stroller. Here he is after a walk to the store and back.
Cedric made one good attempt at rolling over on the 7th of August... but appears to have put that milestone to one side for now!