Monday, September 19, 2011

Happily Ever After

We three celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary today!

And we decided to walk down memory lane, trying to dig up a picture and memory of each anniversary... or at least a picture of the two of us taken within a month or two of September! Here we go... counting down:

#12: one of us was nauseous and craving a very cheesy lasagne!  
Picture taken in October at a wedding.

#11: we were halfway through missionary training (SPLICE) in Colorado Springs, here we are atop Pike's Peak

#10: had a picnic in El Dorado park (Long Beach, CA)  
Picture taken in August in Yarrall's backyard during Ang's roommate reunion.

#9: no recollection of how we spent our anniversary this year!  
Picture was taken a month earlier while we were visiting Medellin.

#8: Spent the day in Laguna Beach, California

#7: Celebrated our anniversary a couple weeks after the date while in Prescott, AZ for our friend's wedding. This is at Watson Lake.

#6: First year living in the USA together. I think we ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Fullerton for this anniversary.  
Picture taken later that year on Thanksgiving day.

#5: Deb and Les came to Colombia and we went to the island of San Andres to celebrate our 5th anniversaries together!

#4: Another year that neither of us can remember how we spent the day!  
Picture taken in front of our church in Bogota.

#3: This was probably one of the hardest years together. I was sick for most of the year and Bill's mother died in June. We can't remember the anniversary, and we didn't take many pictures this year.  
Picture taken six months later when we visited the USA for Angela to become a citizen and took a detour to see the Grand Canyon.

#2: Bill's mother was in the hospital, so on our anniversary we visited her after work and then went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant.  
Picture taken a month later in Cajica. You can tell I had Cushings Disease.

#1: We celebrated our first anniversary by spending the weekend in a little inn above the Salt Mines in Zipaquira. Took a picture of each other exploring the area. (Before digital cameras!)

and in conclusion... our wedding day... one of our favoritist days of all!

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  1. This was a good idea, Ang! Thanks for sharing. =)