Thursday, December 01, 2011

6 months of cuteness

 Helping his dad clean out our storage area!

 Loves reading [and eating] books.

 Family picture.

 Exploring the world of tropical fruit. Pitaya here.
 Avocado. But mango is his favorite!

 Loves sitting up to play with us and his toys.

We're blessed by this little giggler!


  1. This is one Sweet (cute) baby!!!
    Enjoyed the pictures :-)
    Aunt Marj. & Uncle Cliff (Mayes)

  2. Excellent photos! What a wonderful blessing Cedric must be, indeed. And what a great place Colombia is for ready made and completely natural baby food!
    Have a wonderful Christmas, all three of you.
    I am sure you will manage the 'plane trip well, despite the extra paraphernalia. Cedric is bound to gain a big fan club.
    God bless
    Kay Cain, NYC

  3. zHe is amazing!!! Love you guys! Jennie

  4. Looking forward to catching up soon and meeting this little beauty. Wilma & Stan Scotland

  5. He is so cute!! Praying for a safe trip for you all !! Hop you get to make it out to Ave 54 so we can meet Cedric & get to see you guys too !! : ) Love in His name Marlina : )

  6. Love the pictures! He is one little cuttie!