Monday, January 24, 2011

... how we spent our break from teaching ...

Our Christmas/New Year's break was certainly a different one this year! We enjoyed being in our own home and not having to travel anywhere, although we were lonely for our families. It was a rest from our normal work, but not a rest from physical work. We finally feel like we finished unpacking and getting our apartment organized after a year of living here! Bill spent the better part of three weeks building bookshelves to cover the four walls of his office - he learned a lot in the process, but will not be quick to take on another carpentry job! (My duties included cleaning up at the end of the job!)

Before Picture:
After Picture:

Our baby is growing well and all looks normal. Here's the "best" 5 month picture we could get, he was moving around a lot during the sonogram.

Last week was our last week "off" and we had the pleasure of hosting a couple from our home church in California, Andrew and Rebekah. We had fun showing them some of Bogota's sites, playing games together, talking and traveling to a touristy town 3 hours north. It was a great way to finish off our break from the Bible Institute. Here's a few pictures of our time together:

At Monserrate (10,341 ft), on mountain top that overlooks the city of Bogota (8,612 ft)

Plaza de Bolivar (they were troopers, walking the city streets and braving the crowded, crazy buses!)

Hiking to see the Waterfalls near Villa de Leyva

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