Monday, December 03, 2012

Video: Fun times at a friend's party


18 months old

Starting him off young... he loves "helping" me in the kitchen

Ready for a wedding and proudly sporting a tie and new shoes

Loudons at the wedding

First thanksgiving feast
(last year he was still eating plain old boring rice cereal)

The day we decorated for Christmas

Riding the horse

All boy!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Church Day Retreat

We had a one day retreat recently for the members of our church. Not everyone could make it, but about 100 of us met together at a school in the north of the city (ECA). In the morning there were various sessions and workshops, all with the purpose of edifying and encouraging everyone to continue to find balance in life and perseverance in ministry.

I was in about half the sessions, the rest of the time I was playing outside with the wee boys.

It was a beautiful sunny morning, but then the rain poured down all afternoon. It didn't stop many of the men from playing soccer... the rest cheered from the sheltered sidelines!


We had friends come visit us last Saturday, it was a lot of fun!

Cedric has this thing where he shows affection by sprawling on top of the person (or animal) he wants to cuddle up to. So far none of the objects of his affection have really appreciated it!

Hee, hee... can you tell I'm not used to taking care of THREE kids by myself!?

 Here's a photo of my cutie that I haven't posted elsewhere yet.

Sunny Days

We've had major thunder & lightening rain storms lately, so whenever there is a sunny morning or afternoon Cedric and I make a beeline for the park area in our apartment complex. He often stands at our window and points down saying "paah" =D

Often seen with at least one rock in hand
 One day there were tons of these bugs flying around... it was fascinating
 Loves kicking the ball around in the parking lot
 For some reason this grin always reminds me of my mother-in-law [we miss her]
 On the move
 The source of the rocks
 Cedric loves watching and following the big boys around

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Smile at the Camera


Life at sixteen months!

A few days ago we took a family field trip downtown to San Andresito in search of whole wheat flour ~ not available in local grocery stores!! I went ahead and bought 25 kilos to avoid having to do the 2.5 hour errand too often. (For the record, it was worth the trip, I love the flavor of our homemade bread these days.)

To store the flour I decided to portion it out into 2.5 kilo bags and had a little helper who got right into things:

Later that same day we went downstairs to play in the playground. It hadn't rained for a number of days so little mister made straight for the dirt, which then dusted up into his eyes, which then got rubbed with the hands that had stirred it all up in the first place! A good bath was had that evening =D.

Cedric's Sunday School class last week. Lots of kids under 2, eating popcorn (hmmmm, a cultural difference in my book!)

After church was over Cedric happened to find Jose Daniel's car in the office. He was fascinated,
 and even tried to hop on by himself (unsuccessfully, I was picking him up off the ground right after taking this shot!)

I said "smile" and here's what was produced:

With molars coming in, we allowed a little Curious George to cheer the wee man up. He LOVES George and imitates his monkey sounds. So cute.

Playing with my old toys in the hallway:

Monday, August 27, 2012

Church Family Camp

Most of our church was able to travel the 2 hrs south of Bogota to Chinauta for family camp this year. We haven't had one in several years. Bill and I took Cedric who had a blast playing with his Sunday School teachers - he is such a people-person and loves to laugh! There were no major mishaps, thankfully - but about half of us came down with some kind of tummy bug and a couple of the more defenseless ones were attacked by mosquitoes!

Here are a few pictures I managed to snap when I wasn't chasing a wee boy around.

Playing team games 

(those are just a few of the 80 or so welts he got as a result of being bitten!)

There were a lot of really good quality group Bible study times. All of us went away encouraged, challenged and having learned new things.

The facility (some aspects were rustic, but it was warm and beautiful)
(our room, we shared it with another couple and their 5 month old son)

 A couple of people pictures... then my camera ran out of battery :(