Monday, August 06, 2012

S.T.E.P. Snapshots

Summer Team Evangelism Partnership 2012.
2 weeks. 14 participants. 3 five-day outreaches. 2 cultural field trips. 3 daily Bible/cultural/equipping classes. 1 beach day. 100+ children reached. Lives changed. Seed sown.

the team:
 fieldtrip downtown L.A., on the metro:
 shopping area near MacArthur Park:
 founders (Yarralls & Duckhorns), leaders (Bassetts), assistant leaders (Loudons) and "STEP mascot" (Cedric!!):
 four who traveled up from Colombia to join STEP (Loudons and Maria Angelica):
 missionary in a pot:
 witnessing to the parents too:
 during outreaches kids split up into smaller groups giving each team member the opportunity to share the gospel. here's a boys group:
 and a girls group:
 mornings were spent in training classes, here's Bill teaching a Bible lesson:

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