Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life at sixteen months!

A few days ago we took a family field trip downtown to San Andresito in search of whole wheat flour ~ not available in local grocery stores!! I went ahead and bought 25 kilos to avoid having to do the 2.5 hour errand too often. (For the record, it was worth the trip, I love the flavor of our homemade bread these days.)

To store the flour I decided to portion it out into 2.5 kilo bags and had a little helper who got right into things:

Later that same day we went downstairs to play in the playground. It hadn't rained for a number of days so little mister made straight for the dirt, which then dusted up into his eyes, which then got rubbed with the hands that had stirred it all up in the first place! A good bath was had that evening =D.

Cedric's Sunday School class last week. Lots of kids under 2, eating popcorn (hmmmm, a cultural difference in my book!)

After church was over Cedric happened to find Jose Daniel's car in the office. He was fascinated,
 and even tried to hop on by himself (unsuccessfully, I was picking him up off the ground right after taking this shot!)

I said "smile" and here's what was produced:

With molars coming in, we allowed a little Curious George to cheer the wee man up. He LOVES George and imitates his monkey sounds. So cute.

Playing with my old toys in the hallway:

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