Friday, January 13, 2012

Favorite USA trip Pictures

This visit to California was primarily about being with family, yet we were blessed to also be able to catch up with a good number of friends. All the visits were way too short though!! We are now at the end of our trip with much to be thankful for, many good memories made and now ready to go back to our life, friends and ministries in Bogota.

 Nana & Cedric (6 months)

Nana & Papa with Cedric

Papa taking Cedric for a walk to the park

 Cedric and Bill

Angela and Cedric

 Meeting his new-almost-Auntie Tina and Uncle Jon for the first time
(Their wedding is this April 7th!)

Loving on his Auntie Debbie in his mama's favorite grocery store!

Catching up with Karen and enjoying beautiful Laguna Beach, CA

New friends, Cedric meet Patrick!

 Cedric's first Christmas!

 Christmas dinner

 Enjoying sunny California weather in winter

 A perfect day to play in the sand

 Too cold for swimming, but since we live high up in the Andes mountains Bill couldn't pass up this opportunity!

 Snoozing in Papa's hammock

 Seven months old

Family 2012 picture