Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 2012 Pictures

March started out with a conference for the mothers in our churches... the topics covered all sorts of child-rearing basics for the toddler years. I was asked to help compile the articles all the speakers wrote on their particular topic, it was a nice way to be able to help out behind the scenes from home.
This time the conference was within walking distance of our home so I loaded Cedric into the stroller and he distracted me for the first half of the day until Bill was done with his students at the Bible Institute and was able to come pick Cedric up. I was then able to concentrate and enjoy the rest of the conference!
I forgot to take pictures till the end of the day, but here are some:

waking us up after lunch with kids' action songs

the young women I hung out with

getting to know Juan (2 months younger than Cedric)

Cedric turns 10 months old this week... his milestones include:
belly "crawling"
7 teeth
ma-ma and da-da have been heard
crying is now a useful tool
slobbery kisses