Monday, August 27, 2012

Church Family Camp

Most of our church was able to travel the 2 hrs south of Bogota to Chinauta for family camp this year. We haven't had one in several years. Bill and I took Cedric who had a blast playing with his Sunday School teachers - he is such a people-person and loves to laugh! There were no major mishaps, thankfully - but about half of us came down with some kind of tummy bug and a couple of the more defenseless ones were attacked by mosquitoes!

Here are a few pictures I managed to snap when I wasn't chasing a wee boy around.

Playing team games 

(those are just a few of the 80 or so welts he got as a result of being bitten!)

There were a lot of really good quality group Bible study times. All of us went away encouraged, challenged and having learned new things.

The facility (some aspects were rustic, but it was warm and beautiful)
(our room, we shared it with another couple and their 5 month old son)

 A couple of people pictures... then my camera ran out of battery :(

Monday, August 06, 2012

June July Around Bogota

We had guests staying with us in June, so one day we took them up to the top of Bogota's tallest building. It was a first for us too. We enjoyed the view!
 We were invited to a BBQ at some of Bill's students' home. They cooked and we ate on a little balcony on the fourth floor of their tall and skinny house. Yummy.
 Another day we were invited to lunch by these two sisters who we've known for 10 years. They are both in Bill's class and the one on the left is now Cedric's Sunday School teacher.
 Colombia's soccer team had a couple of important games in June, so Cedric wore the team shirt to show support! Here he is with Juan at the church entrance.
 To raise money for our upcoming family camp the church put on a bazaar in the park one Sunday, selling lunches, desserts and drinks. We enjoyed the time of fellowship. Cedric got lots of cuddles, here he is with Edwin (he's blind), Gineth,

 and with Sandra.

Late July Bill started teaching again.

And I couldn't resist including one more picture of my sweet boy!

Cedric's Summer

the little man loves his daddy
and is always interrupting Bill in his office!
 reading books
 learning to walk

Had a great time in the USA:
helping Nana pick and eat apricots in the backyard
 sharing an In-n-out burger with daddy
 enjoying a play day with his penpal, Patrick
 swimming in the ocean
 meeting his Auntie Ann for the first time
 sad to say bye-bye to Papa

S.T.E.P. Snapshots

Summer Team Evangelism Partnership 2012.
2 weeks. 14 participants. 3 five-day outreaches. 2 cultural field trips. 3 daily Bible/cultural/equipping classes. 1 beach day. 100+ children reached. Lives changed. Seed sown.

the team:
 fieldtrip downtown L.A., on the metro:
 shopping area near MacArthur Park:
 founders (Yarralls & Duckhorns), leaders (Bassetts), assistant leaders (Loudons) and "STEP mascot" (Cedric!!):
 four who traveled up from Colombia to join STEP (Loudons and Maria Angelica):
 missionary in a pot:
 witnessing to the parents too:
 during outreaches kids split up into smaller groups giving each team member the opportunity to share the gospel. here's a boys group:
 and a girls group:
 mornings were spent in training classes, here's Bill teaching a Bible lesson: