Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cedric: 22 months

 Coloring at his table

 playing in the park
 a treat at Crepes&Waffles

 playing in the rain
(it is raining EVERY day this month - forecast is the same till early June)

Bucaramanga Easter Trip

It was a rich and happy visit!

"it was a rewarding trip ~ spending my mornings playing with my boy in the warm tropical climate and then sharing God's word in the evenings at the Easter conference."

"I loved cooking meals undistractedly (read: without a little fellow under foot!) and cherished being in my childhood hometown with dear friends."

"play ~ park ~ cat ~ water ~ ball"

 Bill preaching at one of the two Bucaramanga brethren churches

 Our friends, hosts and co-workers: Sandra and Marcia

Last day in town we went for a swim in the pool where I had my lessons when I was a girl. Cedric was a bit under the weather, so he and Bill crashed for awhile in the shade.