Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Christmas "Staycation"

This year we had a pretty busy few weeks prior to Christmas, but then things calmed down and we were able to enjoy a couple of quiet weeks at home here in Bogota. Here are some pictures from the past month.

At the church Christmas program. The Sunday School put on a nice musical from the story of Noah and the Ark. The kids all dressed up as animals. Although he didn't end up "performing", Cedric was chosen to be a little beaver.

Christmas Eve - opening one gift, the traditional PJs!

Christmas day - Cedric was enthralled by all the festivities.

Playing with Andrew after Christmas lunch.

 Boxing Day (26th Dec) - we went out on the town to view the Christmas lights with some friends.

And in January our Christmas care packages finally started showing up. So fun to get surprises by mail!

Warm laundry mornings and Momma turns the kitchen into a mini water park!

 Lazy afternoons reading books with Daddy.

Just enjoying our beautiful sunny days with a few family outings to local parks and malls.