Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Mini mother-son vacation!

Thanks to some unused frequent flyer miles, Cedric and I ventured off to the city of Bucaramanga for 10 days at the end of last month. It was such a rest from the usual rush and routine of our life here in Bogota.
I have discovered that I feel so much healthier at lower altitudes. I don't even have to go all the way down to sea level to feel better, this trip was from 2,625 m (8,612 ft) down to 959 m (3,146 ft). I had energy all day long, only taking a siesta to avoid the intense noontime heat and my quality of sleep was so much better. If only I could move all my friends, our home and our ministries down several thousand feet!
Cedric loved the warmer climate, being outdoors more often and on this trip he "fell in love" with dump trucks!
Here are some of our favorite pictures of our mother-son vacation to visit Miss Marcia.

 Marcia and Cedric
 Playing in a park

 Mosquito protection
 Goofing around
 Each morning we walked up to the main road to watch dump trucks drive by

Visiting a childhood friend of mine (and her kids)
 Fun outing to an exotic bird "zoo"

Fun outing for a swim