Tuesday, March 18, 2014

February & March in Bogota: Making Memories with Cedric

here are a few pictures that capture happy moments 
of our family life thus far this year...
i must remember to take more pictures of the other facets of life too!

new found love for ice cream

 celebrating mama's birthday

we went on a 24 hour trip to a birthday party at the camp in Villa de Leyva (3-4 hour drive north of Bogota)
 cedric took this picture of the two of us... not bad!

we've had numerous play dates with little friends... for one of them we went to a recreational club for the day to play, visit the library and have lunch.

lots of playing at home going on too
 the "box house" - endless hours of fun

 driver? swimmer? construction worker?

and we must not forget reading... best pastime ever!