Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Family Vacation

Even though we have traveled a ton in Cedric's short life, we've never had an official vacation with just the three of us. After all of Bill's travels and various stressful ministry things, we decided we needed one! So we turned our cellphones off for a week, borrowed a car and took off! The first half of the week we spent in a nearby rural area called Tenjo only an hour away (only 20 miles!). There is a Baptist owned campground with a small family cabin with kitchen, bathroom, and fireplace. It is quiet and peaceful and a great change of scenery for us.

Since it is a campground with lots of weekend retreats, we couldn't spend the whole week there, so we took off down the mountain to a town in "hot country" 3.5 hours away (90 miles... traffic just getting out of the city is at least half the trip).We stayed at a place with pools, so Bill and Cedric spent most of the daylight hours swimming! I jumped in a bit, but just enjoyed being able to read and be lazy with no cooking or cleaning for three whole days!

I took a wander into nature - which I later regretted, as I returned with at least 20 mosquito bites! Bumped into a huge iguana, I scared him and he scared me! This picture is after I recovered from the fright by which time he had scooted off away from me.

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