Wednesday, August 20, 2014


For several years a group of men have been going down to the city of Fusa to hold Bible studies in a prison there. That developed into a ministry within the city too. Last November our church here in Bogota commended Fredy to move to Fusa and serve as a missionary to the people there. Earlier this year they began meeting on Sundays and there is now a small church established. In July we traveled there to attend the inauguration ceremony.

Their small meeting room. They have one other small room that is used for children's ministry.
Commending Fredy as an elder of the church.

Praying for Fredy and his family.

 Ex-prisoners who are active members of the church now.

 Cedric enjoyed playing with the kids there.
Some of the leaders from J.Vargas and Fusa.

 As a bonus we got to visit with Grandpa and Liliana who live in Fusa and help out at the new church.

The negative, getting there and back by bus! 4 hours to and 4.5 hours from... this is the line just to buy a bus ticket back to Bogota on Sunday night!

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