Friday, December 12, 2014

Cedric is ready for Christmas!

Asking Nana a question:

First ever Christmas cookies:

Outings and Visits

 Outing to celebrate Reformation day ~ Dia de la Biblia 
at a big park with a group from church

Outing to Farm Animal Park with Ramirez family
(I want a dog!)

Visit from Grandpa at Thanksgiving & celebration with coworkers

Outing with young couples' families to a farm in Cundinamarca
(white car is the one we're borrowing)
(BBQ Colombian style!)
(the dads)

Visits with friends (not pictured!) to make Christmas cookies

Playdates, Milestones and Cakes!

 Just some fun pictures from the past few months... mostly playdates with friends!

Milestones: graduated from nursery and is now in a "big-boy" Sunday School class

 Three and a HALF year celebration with half a cake and 3.5 candles!

I've been asked to help make and decorate a number of cakes this semester... here are a few of my creations:
(1st Birthday)

 (Cake for 80 people!)

(Cupcakes for couples' events... 120 in September and 25 last month)